The response on what motivates you is going to vary significantly from person to person. In simplest terms, most people become stimulated by a desire to provide for themselves and their families. Also, more people pride themselves on what motivates them as they work toward their goals and dreams. Daily you awake from your sleep and motivate yourself to complete your task or goals at hand at home and work. Finding what motivates you is an ongoing task.

Regardless of what motivates you, it can be to earn a living, or commitments to your loved ones, it boils down to what you care about that motivates you to move forward. When there is no pressing need in your life, you will lack the drive to complete the actions needed to keep yourself motivated. Life will be tough when you will have no purpose or drive.

What motivates you is when you have it under control.

Daily people rise and get ready for work but seem unable to realize their dreams and attain a better life. The culprit is the deflated motivation to put in the necessary time and effort to reach their goals. If you want to prevent this from happening to you, then you must take definitive steps to avoid it. It would help if you worked on what motivates you.

First, you have to identify what your goals are. How about starting your own business? Or write a novel? Or climb the corporate ladder? No matter what your goals are, the first step has to be identifying them. 

Next, you create a plan on how to get to where you want to be. It would be best if you referred to this plan regularly because it will help compel and motivate you. It will provide you with the guideline you need to track your progress. The intent is always to move you towards your goals and help you with what motivates you.

What Compels You to Stay Motivated?

What motivates you is staying motivated.

The response to this question depends on the individual questioned. For most regular folks, they want to maintain their family lifestyle or improve it and survive. They ask for nothing complicated, and this is enough to motivate them. They can rise from their bed and go off to their jobs regardless of how they like it or not. They have no vision of something greater and accept their life as it is with no lofty expectation.

Then there are those individuals with a vision for a brighter future. That future generates the energy to spark their motivation to reach for the stars and accomplish their vision. When you can set goals and make a plan to fulfill these goals, you energize a level of inspiration within you to do your best. You are harnessing what motivates you. You are also taking personal responsibility for you life. Then, when complications set in, you stay the course. You can overcome any adversity that faces you. You will persist until you achieve your goals.

What Motivates You

What motivates you is you.

Every day, people find it challenging to get up enough motivation to finish the day. When you fall short on a personal desire to achieve things in life, it can become a daunting challenge. It eventually leads to less than stellar productivity levels, and often you will struggle with completing the necessities. It is during these times you need to fire up what motivates you.

When we look for the opposite words of motivation, we get four “D” words. These include but are not limited to depression, dislike, difficulty, and discouragement. What do they have in common? These works attributed to not doing something. When you lose sight of what motivates you there is no desire to want to move forward with your life. This is a sad reality for some.

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What motivates you is your ability to stay focus.

We might be discouraged about a particular thing, we may be depressed because of something, or we might find that something is too difficult for us to do, or we may have a general disliking towards something. So basically, all of these or even one of these reasons may be causing you the lack of willpower and drive to achieve what motivates you.

It is all about the mind, the power of the mind. It starts when the bigger picture of what motivates you, and it begins to fade due to lack of action, so let’s change that. Let’s see the ways that can help sort out a bad habit of procrastination.

– What makes you want to quit?

The first step to getting rid of the motivation problem is to find out the why you think that it’s okay to quit. The world is a complicated place, and not everyone is kind. However, what matters is what steps you take and how you face your obstacles. If you feel depressed, try to pump up your mind with better thoughts. Hang out with people who make you happy and are happy to be around you. They can help boost your drive and keep you on track to what motivates you.

What motivates you is life matters.

– What’s your goal?

The second step to find your real motivation is to know what you need from yourself or what you want to achieve. Slack off the pressure. You can take it easy with your goals, tackling one task at a time. Resolve to complete each task timely and as you achieve them, you will find you are a much happier person. You will be on your way to what motivates you as well.

– Commit to your resolution

To sort out your initial problem, all you need to do is commit to your goal, your resolve. It will make it easier to live life to the fullest when you do. For this, you might need to tell your family, friends, or colleagues so that you have steady support always around you. Having people help you by encouraging is still a plus point. It reinforce how to be confident as well.

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5 Tips for What Motivates You

What motivates you is your raising level of confidence.

So many individuals are not happy with what they do in life. They do not have the luxury of not showing up to work. They have a massive responsibility of making a living and must motivate themselves enough every single day when at work.

It is not as easy as it looks. Often, it is very discouraging and taxing on the individual, causing stress or even-tempered flareup. So how do you get past this rough patch in life and remain motivated when you do not like what you are doing?

What motivates you is going beyond your comfort zone.
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1. Look at the positive side of what you do

No matter how awful you think your job is, it still has its advantages. It feeds you and your family; it gives you a purpose for each day, and maybe you like a few of your colleagues, and they give your social life some meaning. Zero in on the many positives you have and determine it is not all as bad as it may seem. Learn to be grateful and appreciative of life in general.

2. Realize that it is a gateway to something bigger

We all have a purpose in life according to the universal cosmic design. Unfortunately, we may not come to realize it or see it. So, your present situation, the job you hold right now is a stepping stone. You can look upon it as gleaning your lesson before advancing to the next level in discovering what motivates you.

You need to realize your performance here will determine how well prepared you are for the next step and how soon you get there. Embrace it wholeheartedly because it is your gateway to more important things that will come your way and ignite what motivates you.

3. What motivates you is to create new challenges for yourself

What motivates you is thinking outside the box.

One of the worst things that lead to discouragement is complicity. When doing the same old things repeatedly and you end up not learning anything new is self-defeating. It will steadily crush your enthusiasm for life if you do not ignite what motivates you.

So what are you willing to do? You can create new challenges by looking at it differently each day. Try to find ways to make it better than yesterday. This kind of problem will kick start your brain.

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4. Recognize your accomplishments

Regardless of how little you perceive your achievements to be, do not hesitate to reward yourself. It could be that you completed your task ahead of schedule, or perhaps you achieved your target goal, pat yourself on the back, and reward yourself. Smile at your accomplishments because it is what motivates you. You did it!

What motivates you is reaching your destination no matter how far.

5. Set reachable goals

The more you resolve to reach your target, you will only work harder. You will be motivated to attain the next goal on your list of what motivates you. Goal setting is an art because each reachable target that you set will push you to strive until you reached all your targeted goals.

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Final Thoughts

These four tips are both simple and easy to follow, and best of all, they work.

Tip #1. How To Stay Motivated For The Long Haul?

You all know how difficult it is to resolve and stay motivated. There are some mornings that you will find grueling just to rise out of bed at dawn. It is time like this when motivation can escape you. Dig into the farthest reaches of your mind and garner up the strength to remind yourself what motivates you. Cling on and lift yourself out of bed.

It bears to say that you need to remain focused on your goals to stay motivated. Each day you work through your ups and downs puts you one step closer to attaining each one of your goals. It gets you closer to what motivates you and helps you live life to the fullest. You will need to reaffirm your belief in yourself with verbal affirmations that will help you through.

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Tip # 2. Have A Clear Vision Of Where You Are Headed

When you set your goals, be fully aware, and clearly define them. You need a clear vision of your goals because goals that are too vague or general will not hold your long term focus. Failing the focus test will only lead you astray because you tend to lose your motivation without a clear pathway to success when working on what motivates you to excel. You need to stay motivated with what motivates you. You need to remind yourself of what motivates you continually. Your dreams and desires for a better lifestyle should be at the forefront of your mind.

What motivates you is to fuel your passion.

Tip # 3. Write it Down

Once you have determined and defined your goal, WRITE THEM DOWN. Writing down goals makes them real rather than a dream or a fantastic fantasy. Making the goals real is essential to motivation. These compel you to take action because it is what motivates you.

Think about it, can you say when last energized by something that was not real? That you did not find to be tangible? You will need to see your goals daily visually. I highly recommended that you write or type your goals on something so you can post it on your refrigerator or someplace you will see it every day. It would be best to keep your eyes focused on what motivates you daily.

Tip # 4. View Others

On the days that you feel your motivation slipping away, do not fret. Simply look at someone that has achieved the goals that you have set for yourself. What motivates them can help motivate you. It will remind you why you set the goal and what is possible for you in the future.

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Tip # 5 Track Your Progress

What motivates you is taking action to achieve your dreams.

So what motivates you to stay motivated? You will need to track your progress along the way and check off the goals you’ve accomplished. Reviewing your accomplishments helps you overcome any setbacks. It also sparks self-motivation as you become more confident in you and where headed. You instill a sense of pride as your self-esteem perks up. You sparked additional motivation and invigorated yourself by acknowledging the vast stride forward in all you accomplished. It is all good, and you feel good, too, because it is what motivates you

Believe Yourself and Thrive!

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