The Old Watch and Self-Worth.

When I came upon this story, it reminded me of the age-old adage that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Similarly, whether it be an object or ourselves, we sometimes fail to see our real value. In some instances, we compare ourselves to those who have more in our eyes, and we don’t dig deep enough to accept all that we are and be grateful for the simpleness of being alive. Check out the story and let me know what you think.

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I want to share a very important story with you today. It’s a story I think everyone should hear.

Before he died, a parent told us to his son “Here is a watch your grandpa “ve been given” … It is almost 200 years old. Before I give it to you, go to the jewellery store in the city. Tell them that I want to sell it, and see how much they offer you.”

The son went to the jewelry store, came back to “his fathers”, and said; “They offered $100 because it is so old.”

The father said; “Well, try the pawnshop.”

The son went to the pawnshop, came back to “his fathers”, and said; “The pawnshop offered only $20 because it has a scratch”

The father invited his son to go to the museum and is demonstrating the watch.

The son humbly questioned his father’s judgement, but still, willing to act on his last-place wishing he went to the museum, when he came back he said to his father; “The curator offered $375,000 for this very rare piece to be included in their precious relic collection.”

The father answered “I wanted to show you that the best place will quality you in the right way. Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry because you are not appreciated. Never stay in a residence where someone doesn’t see your value or you don’t feel appreciated.”

If you don’t know your value, you are able to always settle for far less than you deserve.

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People who don’t know their value settle for less than they are worth. In relationships. When it comes to their profession … or their chore … or their friendships … They know they are worth more, but they settle for someone else’s definition of their worth.

You see … that is the difference between MOST PEOPLE and the few. That is the difference between people who LOVE the life they have created for themselves and those who CAN’T STAND the life they are living.


MOST people will allow just about anyone to influence their perception of themselves … But people who love their life refuse to accept the opinions of tiny knowledge people.

They refuse to be put in a BOX. They will not be defined by anyone but themselves. They know their value is set by themselves, by their own foresees about who they are, NOT someone else’s opinion of what they are worth.

Don’t cause them put a price on you! You specified your own price! And don’t go leaving deductions to other beings so you can fit in or be liked … People pleasers never end up happy in the end. Put yourself FIRST.

You must improve your self-worth by the WORK you do every day … on yourself. You build it by the way that you is an indication EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Day in, period out , no condones , no shortcuts, exactly a relentless dedication to be the best that they can be.

If you have someone in their own lives that tries to diminish your abilities in ANY WAY … The time has come to move those people along.

It’s time to awaken that part of you that Request MORE FOR YOUR LIFE.

Because ONLY YOU KNOW what you are truly capable of.

It’s time to wake up and SHOCK THE WORLD!

Shock those that doubted you with a disturbing degree of determination. Shock those that disbelieved you with a commitment to excellence that cannot be is in accordance with those of weak soul. Shock those that doubted you with the actions you take today as you draw a line in the sand and commit to becoming the person NO ONE thought you could be.

Because ONLY YOU KNOW what you are TRULY capable of.

In this world you only have to earn the respect of one person … that person is YOU.

You determine the level you involve of yourself.

It’s time to DEMAND MORE!

It’s time to prove once and for all, WHO. YOU ARE.

WHO you will become!

And what you will never settle for again.

Raise your rules. RISE UP to a higher level … and cause NO ONE question YOUR INTEGRITY again.

DAY BY DAY. BRICK BY BRICK. You start NOW. You build the foundations through the SELF-WORK you throw in every, single, daylight. Build yourself up, to become an unbreakable personnel … an unstoppable machine

Fueled by the results you get, from the undertaking you put in today, and every day … from this day until your last.

NO MORE will you settle for the opinions of others. NO MORE will you settle for someone else’s opinion of YOUR VALUE. NOW YOU regulate YOUR VALUE.

Through YOUR self-work, YOUR self-education and YOUR self-determination of YOUR OWN destiny.

The predestination that is in YOUR HANDS.


You know what you have to do!

The time for reform IS NOW!

TODAY is the day. When the time comes to your own SELF-WORTH…


Know your worth … and NEVER, EVER settle for anything less..

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did.

Failure to find our true selves and our value confront many people to feel less worthy. Instead of looking at ourselves for the truly higher potential, we look to the external to find meaning. It always leaves you less fulfilled and drearily unhappy. Don’t you think it is time to look within and see our uniqueness? Isn’t it time to love ourselves just as we are or what we dream of becoming? I believe there’s a lesson to be learned in this story and I wanted to share its value with you. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Believe yourself and thrive!



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Transcript- The Inspiring Story of An Old Watch and Self-Worth

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