Support your tiers of change with self-care.

Implementing a Self-Care Plan

Before you implement self-care into your life, you’re going to want to understand the stages of change. It’s one thing to start a new habit, but it’s an entirely unfamiliar task to keep up the new habit. By understanding the tiers of change, you’ll find it a lot easier to stick to the self-care habits you want to implement into your routine. So, let’s look at the different stages of change.

Self-care incorporates anything you enjoy.

What is Self-Care?

Often people put off focusing on self-care, as they just can’t deal with that overwhelming feeling. To make it easier, you can start off by focusing on just one area of self-care. It could improve your fitness, getting a better night’s sleep, or eating a little healthier. Pick one area you are lacking in and start with that. This way, you won’t find it so overwhelming. Start now…

Overcome Stress with Joy

How to Overcome Stress with Joy and Laughter

Stop obsessing over your problems. Try to actively seek solutions instead of mulling over problems that could cause stress. Try to see the lighter side of situations and pick healthy alternatives to offset stress. Laughter reportedly improves immunity, decreases pain, increases personal satisfaction, and improves your mood.

Financial self-care

Three Financial Self-Care Habits You Can Start Today

If you’re someone who struggles with financial anxiety and stress, practicing a financial self-care routine could help. Just like other areas of your life, the more consistent you are about financial self-care, the better. We ourselves don’t have the luxury of removing those factors from our environment, but what we do have are tools to help manage and reduce them.

Ways to use your Planner.

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance separates the success stories from failures. It separates the winners from the quitters. Any exceptional person significant enough to write about in the world’s history books has faced tremendous challenges in their various pursuits. What clinches success is the determination to win despite those challenges. We should never leave success to chance or luck.

Set boundaries and slow down before you burnout.

Prevent Burnout – Know Your Boundaries

People won’t necessarily know what your specific personal boundaries are unless you set them yourself. Most don’t realize that without boundaries, burnout can swallow you in a flash. And that’s the first step, to know what kind of boundaries you want to set for yourself. Take complete responsibility and accept that nobody else is going to set boundaries for you but yourself.