You Are Loved Don't Give Up

A Letter of Love from Above Don’t Give Up

One of the basic purposes of life is to grow, to change, to improve, to polish the rough parts of your life, to buff up the murky raw materials, turning you into something better, higher, more passionately committed to a life of love. That process, can hurt tremendously. But keep in mind that your pain is evidence that you are, in that fire, refining your very being, preparing you for better, higher, more eternal things

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What is Perseverance?

Perseverance separates the success stories from failures. It separates the winners from the quitters. Any exceptional person significant enough to write about in the world’s history books has faced tremendous challenges in their various pursuits. What clinches success is the determination to win despite those challenges. We should never leave success to chance or luck.

Maybe you don't need a reinvention.

Maybe You Don’t Need A Reinvention

It’s a lack of understanding of our strengths that can lead us down the wrong path and towards a pursuit of things that don’t serve us in our lives. Thus, taking time to observe ourselves, our habits, patterns, and strengths will give us essential information that will help us tailor our efforts more effectively (Deanna, 2018).