Find peace and happiness after a divorce.

Find Peace and Happiness After a Divorce

There is no need to feel like your life has reached a dead end just because your marriage is over. Often, feelings of shame and embarrassment, regret, disappointment, loneliness and a sense of failure overshadows a divorce. But unhappiness need not be your destiny. Happiness can return. You need to take the positive view that you can and will find life after divorce.

The Virtue of Happiness

The Virtue of Happiness

I would not rob you of the growth that precedes happiness as it’s properly sought. As you work on your happiness, you evolve, you develop, you change. You become something you weren’t. Your personality is refined and your character is honed. Only then can you become a happy person, rather than just a person who periodically experiences happiness.

What is happiness but you loving yourself.

What is happiness?

What is happiness? It’s a realization of self-love and fulfillment. It is to accept yourself. Forgive yourself. And to learn from your mistakes. It’s positive thoughts for a happier mindset. It’s positiveness that is uplifting. Be in sync with your mind, body and spirit. Improve happiness and your well-being with mindfulness and meditation.