Self-talk helps deal with life pressure.

Stress. Pressure. The hot seat. Label it as you want; we have all been there. Did you know that the self-talk you use to talk to yourself can affect how you deal with pressure? We all want to be calm and collected when it counts. No one wants to crumble under pressure. Using empowering and positive self-talk provides one solution to deal with stress like a champ.

Upgrade Your Self-Talk

Self-talk has a powerful effect on our feelings and changes your frame of mind with motivating self-talk. It’s part of your mental game.

Dealing with pressure is a process. You have more control over it than you think. Our self-talk is not set in stone or based only on our temperament or natural-born ability to be mentally healthy. You can learn to use effective self-talk to help you handle pressure like a pro.

Start upgrading your self-talk today. Practice using strong, motivating words. Nothing negative. Any terms that remind yourself that anything is possible and that you have what it takes. The benefit of this is that using this kind of self-talk increases self-confidence, self-belief, and even courage when it counts.

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Attack Pressure, Don’t Hide from It.

If you are worry-prone, that is ok. Be you. You can empower yourself and change that today. You don’t have to wait for some perfect set of circumstances or a perfect moment. You can change yourself with intentional actions. When you face a pressure-filled situation, attack it using affirmative, positive self-talk.

Affirming Self Talk to Help You Deal with Pressure:

I am safe and secure.

I choose to focus more on the positive and less on the negative.

I can change my life with intentional action.

I am capable of handling any situation I must address.

I do not stress over pressure-filled situations.

I handle them.

I am willing to practice getting better at handling pressure.

When I notice negative thinking in my mind, I switch gears to positive thinking.

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Keep It Positive

Remember to be patient with yourself and keep your self-talk positive and affirmative. Speak strong words to yourself. Pump yourself up and believe what you say.

Keep It Powerful

Keep the words that you say to yourself robust. It will inspire strength in you. Be Specific Keep self-talk specific. If you keep it relevant to what you are dealing with, it is more likely helpful.


Self-care can reduce stress. Many people also feel that making time in their lives for self-care practices improves their mental health significantly. People also report greater levels of happiness in their daily lives when incorporating self-care practices.

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Taking care of yourself can also improve physical health. Being in good overall health sets you up to handle all that gets dished your way with greater competence, less stress, and more peace in general. Remember, self-talk is a habit that takes practice.

Incorporating intentional positive self-talk in times of pressure makes it just a little bit easier each time. If you tend to have negative self-talk or deal with pessimism, you can change this habit. Just like the habits of discouragement, you can build the patterns of healthy, empowered thinking.

Improving self-talk in this manner will help you level up when it comes to dealing with pressure. You are capable, and you can do this. Start coping with stress using empowering self-talk today.

Indeed, self-talk can help you deal with pressure and help you copy with stress.

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