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Self-Improvement - Four Possible Goals

Be a better you! Humans strive to improve themselves and their world through their growth. Over time, people have developed on universal goals for self-improvement that can help anyone succeed. Industry leaders, philosophers, and scientists suggest these four examples of global targets for self-improvement: 1) Health 2) Education/Career 3) Relationships 4) Creativity.

Self-improvement in each of these areas requires having a plan, learning new skills and abilities, and reaching set goals.

People focus on these five areas because they offer the most significant benefits for life and success.

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1) Health

Many people start working on self-improvement by focusing on their health. Your health is one of your greatest assets. People who improve their health have more energy, a better overall outlook, and reduce their risk of disease. When your body is strong and healthy, you have more drive and stamina to focus on other achievements. Improving your health starts with having a plan. You may want to lose weight, take less medicine, or participate in a sport.

Being healthier builds new skills when you learn new exercises or learn to cook fresh foods. Establish realistic and achievable health goals. Start by planning to lose five pounds, not 40, or by cutting a set number of calories a day, not by starving yourself. Each time you achieve health self-improvement goals, set a new one. Your overall health will improve with each step you take.

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2) Education/Career

The Indeed Career Guide states that one of the universal self-improvement goals for people who want to achieve more at work in completing their education and furthering their careers. In today’s world, completing your training or taking classes toward your career goals is easier than ever. Internet courses allow you to learn at your pace, and evening and weekend programs help you manage your time without missing work.

If you’ve been out of school for a while, your plan may include brushing up your computer skills or taking some refresher courses first. Education is all about learning new skills and developing new abilities. Everything you learn adds to your knowledge and can help boost your confidence. Achieving your degree or finishing a work-related course are goals that help you improve yourself and your life.

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3) Relationships

Improving your relationships doesn’t only mean couples counseling or marriage workshops. Tony Robbins, the bestselling author and life coach says self-improvement can help all your contacts, including work, friends, and family.

Making personal connections with other people boosts your self-esteem and build a network of supporters you can rely on throughout your life. Plan to meet new people or to spend more time developing existing relationships. You may need to learn and practice good listening, eye contact, and reliability when you commit to doing something or with someone.

A goal may be to spend more time with your partner, child, or parents, or you may want to be more comfortable meeting new people through business networking. Each time you add to your relationships, you meet part of your goal.

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4) Creativity

Routine and habit can become boring and dull your zest for life—people all over the world work on self-improvement by being more creative. Every culture has art, music, dance, and other forms of creative self-expression. Creativity helps you learn to be flexible and find new ways to overcome obstacles.

The act of creating something can also bring you great joy and personal satisfaction. Pick an area where you want to explore your creativity. Being a great artist or singer to enjoy doing something creative is not necessary. As your art develops, your skills and abilities will grow.

You might want to paint a picture for a friend, learn a song to sing to your children, or take a salsa dance class with your partner.

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As you reflect, self-improvement in each of these areas requires creating a plan.

You will need to decide what you want to learn whether it be a new skills, or hone hidden abilities. What you decide will help your overall plan to reach your set goals for your desired outcome.

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