Obstacles - What to do When Life Deals You Lemons

Some would argue that two types of people exist in this world, those who believe obstacles present an excuse to quit and those who view it as an opening to try something different. When all that falls are lemons, you can put on your puckered face and reluctantly deny the gift, or you can learn how to turn obstacles to make the best lemonade out of the batch of lemons!

There is not one individual exempt from experiencing obstacles in life. It’s inevitable. You will face challenges and experience struggle, and even failure, along your journey. What will define you as a person, and put you squarely into one of the two camps above is HOW you overcome setbacks in life.

You will determine your success on whether you suck on those lemons or learn to make lemonade. Want to learn how to turn those obstacles into opportunities?

Here are some strategies for turning obstacles or whatever lemons life hands you into the lemonade of your dreams.

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What is Possible When Dealt with Obstacles

In any setback or obstacle, there are things you can control and things you can’t. Focus on where you can make a difference and forget the rest.

The setback represents an occasion to learn new things, try something different, and test new possibilities. Instead of wasting time lamenting that the obstacles in your path, focus instead on doing what you know. Either move the barrier, go around it or find a way of getting over or through it.

You Can Often Overcome Obstacles

Regardless of the complexity of the problem, you can start to resolve the situation, starting simple. Find the immediate action you can take, then follow the next logical step.

Then follow the next one and the next one. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to getting yourself out of your current situation and back on a path toward attaining your goals. Achieving dreams is not about a giant leap from beginning to end but about a million small steps that lead you to your destination while overcoming obstacles.

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You Need More Than Hope

Regardless of the obstacle you encounter, you will need more than hope to help you tackle it. While it is essential to remain positive and optimistic that you can surpass your current setback, just relying on your hopeful attitude will not propel you forward.

Setting achievable goals is vital, as is engaging in actions regularly that help you make your much-desired progress. You need a plan, and you need to do something every day to achieve your dreams.

Don’t Worry About, “Shoulds.”

The best plans in life are the ones that work. Stop worrying about what you need to accomplish or the expected result of your action; you need to focus instead on what works. Progress toward a goal is much more important than perfection, so focus on what will get the job done and let the rest go. Forget about adding more obstacles in your way.

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You Can Only Control Yourself

It is a waste of time trying to control events and other people in this world. The only thing you can control is your attitude and actions. Believe in yourself, develop mental toughness and resiliency, and focus on how your perspective informs your actions. The rest is out of your hands.

The right mindset can be crucial for helping you overcome obstacles, toxic people, and failures along the way, so focus on what you can control. Marcus Aurelius famously wrote, “What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Rather than lamenting about obstacles in your life, those inevitable lemons, start learning today how to make lemonade, and you’ll soon find you can accomplish anything to which you set your mind.

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