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In God and Country

In the wake of the Civil War, the Republic found itself exhausted and with a massive debt without funds to mitigate the countries situation. Foreign entities hovered like black vultures, primarily the Rothchild’s from the City of London who wanted desperately to gain a foothold in America. These bankers wanted to sink their claws as deep as possible into a weaken United States. Citing that no bank would loan money to a distressed nation the bankers asserted that certain stipulations must be met.

To meet these banker’s stipulation and without any constitutional authority, Congress passed the Act of 1871. The Republic ceased operation and the UNITED STATES CORPORATION came into being under the control of the Vatican and the City of London.

Congress created a new constitution for the District of Columbia, an incorporated government. This new constitution benefited the foreign entities and not the Republic. In fact, any semblance of the Constitution of 1776 was simply swept under the rug. We the people lost our absolute and unalienable rights. The Republic stood no more and we were transformed into slaves beholden to foreign power.

With the passing of the Act of 1871, it set the basis of treason by Congress and all succeeding Congress and government officials  against its Citizens who were a sovereign entity under the grants and decrees stipulated in the Declaration of Independence and the organic (1776) Constitution.

Below are three video I edited for this post. It is an interview between James Red Pilled America and Jim Pugh. Jim Pugh was a Financial Operations Consultant since 1980 and has studied theology for over 35 years. The interview offers insight into our current confused state of government.



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