Fire Back in the Face of Adversity

Part of the human experience requires us to face difficult situations throughout various stages of our lives. This is just a part of the experience, but it is how we handle these difficult times that define who we are as individuals.

For some, overcoming a struggle or an obstacle is easy. These are the people who tend to tend to bounce back from a struggle stronger than ever. For others, the presence of an obstacle tends to be a more constant problem that stands in their way for a longer period of time.

The former type of person is the type that we all want to be. We all want to be the person who is able to use our struggles to create something productive out of those struggles. Use these strategies to help you become the type of person who is able to bounce back from an obstacle.

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Adversity Needs a Shot of Laughter

Laughter truly is good for the soul. In fact, laughter is proven to be one of your body’s many coping strategies when faced with a stressful situation. So, it goes without saying that laughter can be an effective method for purposefully combating a stressful situation.

Finding the ability to laugh when engrossed in an adverse situation might seem a bit counterintuitive. However, the ability to remove yourself from a situation far enough to determine where the humor lies is a great stress reducing tool. When you find yourself faced with a struggle, step back a bit and find the humor in the situation. It may surprise you how much this strategy helps reduce the negative side-effects of stressful situations.

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Be a Little Proactive

There are many stressful situations that can actually be less stressful if you are simply mentally prepared for their arrival. For example, when there is a big event coming up, think of all of the things that could possibly go wrong. Understanding the possible areas of failure allows you to be more prepared for their arrival. In general, if you have had some time to consider the possibilities of what might go wrong, then you will likely be able to face those adverse situations with a plan to combat the negative outcomes with more proactive solutions.

Think of Adversity as a Lesson

Regarded as a successful tool in attaining personal growth is to overcome adversity. While this particular tool is one that is a bit hard to come by in the store built for classrooms and cannot be found in any textbook, it is a great tool for learning. Changing your mindset from dreading adversity to welcoming its presence as a learning tool in your life is a positive way to embrace the affirmative aspects that adversity offers you as an individual.

Accept Your Circumstances

A huge mistake when dealing with adversity lies in the human nature to deny circumstances that are less than ideal. Denying circumstances or becoming hyper-focused on the past is not a decisive way to deal with the adversity with which you have been faced. Accepting your circumstances and learning to have peace with them is the only way you are going to be able to overcome negative situations in your life.

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Final Thoughts

Overcoming adversity is a conclusive way to build your personal character and develop yourself into a better person. Maintaining a positive attitude, and adopting a tenacious spirit are a few ways to secure your ability to overcome difficult situations. No matter what stage in life you are, you can always benefit from overcoming an obstacle that has gotten in your way.



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