Have faith during hard times and adversity.

Faith is a word that is somewhat ambiguous, depending on the context in which it is used. While this term is usually associated with religion and spirituality in general, faith can also exist separately outside of these institutions.

In fact, the formal definition of the word faith is usually described as “complete confidence in someone or something.” Using this definition, it is readily apparent that faith can be a vital asset during difficult periods in life.

When things seem ideal, we rarely feel the need to hold on to some form of hope for the future or that things will get better. However, life will inevitably subject all of us to adversity and struggle at some point. The ability to look beyond these situations and envision resolution is very important in order to make it through to the other side.

Benefits of Having Faith

One of the most beneficial things that faith can do during hard times is allow us to let go of the tight grip we think we have on the situation and realize, most often, that we actually have no control.

Faith in positive solutions will come.

Most of the adversity we face in life has nothing to do with what is unfolding. Instead, the biggest factor in resolving the situation is how we REACT to it.

People tend to feel better when they believe they can take action to make something go away. Letting go is necessary to ease the immense tension that this train of thought carries.

The point is, having faith allows us to only worry about how we deal with whatever obstacle is in our way with the knowledge that we cannot move it, only do our best to get around it.

Faith can also determine how we view even the most daunting adversity that life places in our paths. Most of us can reflect back to some extreme difficulty or problem that, while it seemed like the end of the world at the time, actually served to improve some aspect of life for the long term.

Faith that businesses will open soon.

Having faith during hard times

allows you to perceive many obstacles as stepping-stones instead of steep cliff walls.

Remember how adversity made you stronger and more capable of getting through rough patches in your life? Having faith is critical when similar situations arise.

Faith allows you to still feel on track even when you are unaware of the outcome. As you have probably figured out by this point, life is anything but a linear path. Although setting goals and planning how you want things to go is a noble task, this must be done with the knowledge that there will be alterations. You have faith in you to be able to deal with things and rebound when you must.

Have faith live as we know it will come back.

Without faith, any change in the way you see things going can quickly derail your entire course of action. Part of having faith is avoiding writing your plans in stone.

Lacking faith during difficult times often leads to focusing on a negative outcome. By approaching problems from this perspective, every one of your actions from that point on tends to come from a place of defeat. By doing this, you are actually taking steps to ensure this less than favorable outcome will come to fruition.

The opposite effect is true when faith is added to the equation. Faith allows you to take some obstacle or problem in your life and envision the best resolution possible. This allows you to maintain a victorious mindset, navigating through the issue with a much more optimal trajectory.

Faith allows you to envision the best resolution.

Turning Negatives of a Pandemic into Positives

The health crisis we are currently facing makes it confusing and challenging time for everyone. Even those who have not been directly affected by the COVID-19 virus have still experienced a drastic change in day-to-day lifestyle.

The uncertainty of how this situation will unfold is the source of much fear and anxiety within our society. Add to that the crippling effect of our economic downturn when the country shutdown to try to mitigate the spread of the Virus. Every situation that life throws our way, even the current pandemic, is almost entirely affected by how we approach it.

It would be incorrect to say this is a favorable period. However, there are small positives that arise from our dilemma. I will highlight some seemingly negative aspects of isolation and quarantine that, with a simple change of perspective, can become the silver linings in an otherwise gloomy moment.

Have faith and take charge of the time on your hands.

Nothing but Time on Your Hands

At the moment, you may be resentful of the fact that all of the things you normally enjoy are out of the question. However, how many other things have you always told yourself you would like to try or get done if you “only had the time”? For the first time in probably forever, there is plenty of time available to get to these things.

Whether this is a home project, taking up a new hobby or simply catching up on rest, consider this lull in the craziness of everyday life to be the perfect opportunity to act on these things.

Realizing How Much You Took for Granted

If we were told six months ago that we would be forced to go weeks on end without going out to eat, spending time with our friends or even going to our favorite local establishments, this would seem like crazy talk! It is amazing how many facets of everyday life we take for granted.

It is a unique period of time that has forced us to actually realize how fortunate we are to get to do the things we enjoy on a regular basis.

When all this is over and the world is once again open for business, you will undoubtedly have a far greater appreciation for otherwise “normal” parts of your life.

Have faith and realize how much you took for granted.

Could Much Worse Than Being Bored and Stressed

A lot of individuals are indulging in self-pity at the fact that they are stuck at home with nothing to do. It is important to realize that, if this is your biggest issue right now you are EXTREMELY fortunate. Many, many people are going through a horrible experience right now.

Those who are critically ill from the virus or watching family members suffer as well as our healthcare workers who are under an immense amount of stress while they care for sick individuals who trade places with you in a heartbeat! Perspective is everything, especially now.

If you are currently healthy and stuck at home, celebrate that. Your situation could be so much worse.

Have faith when family members drive you crazy.

Appreciate Your Family Members Driving You Crazy

Spending enough quality time with your significant other and children is often derailed by the hectic schedules and plethora of responsibilities that most of us encounter in our normal lives.

While being stuck in your house with these people may be driving you insane right now, enjoy the experience for what it is. Now is a great time to reconnect with those closest to you. Instead of resenting the fact that you can’t get some alone time, appreciate the opportunity to enjoy some face-to-face interaction with your immediate family. When things eventually return to normal, you will be grateful you had the opportunity.

Whatever you are facing, it will get better. Keep the faith!

Believe Yourself and Thrive!

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