Life and Death Decisions to Make

I recently came across a deep dive investigative documentary entitled Plandemic which went into great details as to what the Coronavirus, Covid-19, CCP Virus fear mongering is all about. It may infuriate and repulse you and that’s alright. Share the videos with your family and friends so they may make their own decision.

At the core of this heinous, devious plot to depopulate the world are Godless criminals without moral or civic duty to anyone but their kind. They are psychopaths – no guilty conscious what so ever! Indeed, the depopulation agenda are crimes against humanity and people need to be made aware of the plan so tyranny can be put down.

We must not entrust our lives to any government agency, wealthy oligarchies, corporate whores who’s malevolent agenda is to kill off as many people as possible under their elitist depopulation agenda. We all need to wake up and decide for ourselves what is the best course of action.

In God I trust, and in Jesus our Savior I pray.

Video Titles In Series

  • Coronavirus is a Patented Pathogen Used for Profit and Destabilization
  • Fact Checkers, Big Tech, MS Media Misinform, Lies and Unforgivable Bias
  • Our Elected Officials in Washington Sold Us Out – Big Pharma Indemnified Total License to Kill
  • The Chinese Communist Party Controls the World Health Organization
  • Bill Gates Vaccines Destroyed the Lives of Women and Children in Africa and India
  • Bill Gates Deadly Depopulation Agenda
  • The Vaccine Lies

1. Coronavirus is a Patented Pathogen Used for Profit and Destabilization

2. Bias Fact Checkers Misinform and Spread Lies

3. Elected Officials Sold Us Out: Big Pharma Indemnified from all Injury and Death

4. The CCP Control Over the World Health Organization

5. Bill Gates Vaccines Maimed and Killed Tens of Thousands of Women and Children in Africa and India

6. Bill Gates Deadly Depopulation Agenda

7. The Vaccine Lies

Reference: Plandemic

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