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You are Invaluable and Self-Care is essential to your well-being. On this channel, Believe Yourself will share Self-Care ideas and tips.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is critical to your sustainability. It may appear like selfishness, but, consider the reality when you fail to care for your needs. Suddenly, your vitality to care for others is jeopardized. Many people are still unaware of what self-care means because of vague explanation floating around.

Self-care is about being self-compassionate and knowing what your mind, body and spirit needs. It means loving caring for yourself the same way you love and care for others. So, self-care is more about doing things that are good for your whole being. You’ll know when to step back, take a deep breath and replenish your physical and internal needs. If you’re looking to live a happier, more satisfying life, self-care is key.

Believe Yourself! You are invaluable!

Here’s Why…

Rapid changes and uncertainties in your life imparts unhealthy anxieties and stress. Too many times you forget to take care of your own needs. Believe Yourself website encourages a daily routine of self-care for the entire being to maintain a positive level of self-esteem and keep stress levels in check. How you feel about yourself matters in times of chaos.

As an independent content provider, I devote time to produce articles, video and audio recordings that offer positive insight on current events balanced with mindful wellness of mind, body and spirit. I believe being informed, dealing with information overload and maintaining good health is key to overall peace of mind and important to overall self-care. You need your vitality and positive energy to take an active role to make critical adjustments and changes as your life requires.


This is your space to visit and perhaps stay a while.

1. Our lifestyle choice dictates our natural ability to fight off any pathogen that breach our natural defense mechanism. It is beneficial to ensure regular self-care in all areas of your life – mind, body and spirit.

2. In these truly amazing times we live in, we need to maintain clarity of mind and value a healthy self-esteem to reduce stress and persevere during challenging circumstances. View our Focus Blog articles, visit Insight to learn about truth bombs, please pay special attention to a special video series At the Crossroads of Coronavirus for fascinating insight on Corona virus.

Let Me Know How I Can Serve You…

I believe extreme change requires reflection to rediscover or reconfirm your core values and where you stand at this crossroads. Knowing major changes are before us, it will challenge us. But to survive and thrive will require courage and perseverance.

It is not merely about surviving. It’s about thriving, and to thrive, you must know, like, love, and trust yourself so you can make the choices you need to mitigate health, social and economic calamity with discernment.

My Values

Family was at our core, and patriotism ruled in our family. I believe personal rights have boundaries. It exists until it infringes upon the rights of others. That our voice is no less than the next person, and we should respect our differences. That honesty is the best practice, and a healthy work-life balance is essential. I believe that being the best version of myself allows me to live life to the fullest with love and purpose that brings joy and fulfillment.

I regard that mindful stewardship of our earth’s resources is a fundamental responsibility and that anything worthwhile takes time, perseverance, and often courage and grit.

My Story

“To age is inevitable, a humbling experience, and one filled with reflection. It’s a period of acceptance of what I cannot change, to embrace my mistakes, and to take care of my well-being. Time has seasoned me, and it only gets better, just like excellent fine wine.”–Vena Dunn

My life was raw and emotional. Although it was not insurmountable, it took time to process, adapt and change. In reflection, I made a ton of mistakes in my life. I followed my dream, which took me on an odd-ball course in life, but it was my course to live and my lessons learned to become the person I am today.

A devoted researcher for truth and a personal development enthusiast, I believe everyone needs to believe in who they are as a being. Without that core knowledge, personal growth can be difficult as you wander in circles searching for answers, sometimes in all the wrong places.

In 2018, I founded the Believe Yourself website. I genuinely believe that life is not merely about surviving; it’s about thriving regardless of age. Self-care is vital. When you know, like, love, and trust yourself, you will set yourself on a path to live your best life.

When not writing or building my online business, I enjoy sailing and boating whenever I get the chance. Being on the water is calming and brings me great joy. I enjoy adventure, travel, being outdoors to energize, and relax.

I practice ukulele, enjoy listening to smooth jazz to relax, and a lot of country, peppered with other contemporary tunes. Nashville, TN, is the home base for my business but currently writes and live in South America. As with anything in life, this website continues to evolve as I evolve. I like it like that.

Believe Yourself and Thrive,



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