BelieveYourself it starts with self-care.

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You are Invaluable and Self-Care is essential to your well-being. On this website, we will share Self-Care ideas and tips that you can integrate daily to replenishing yourself for long-term wellness.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is critical to your wellness. It may appear like selfishness, but, consider the reality when you fail to care for your needs. Suddenly, your vitality to care for others is jeopardized.

Self-care is about self-compassion, it is knowing what your mind, body and spirit needs. It means loving and caring for yourself the same way you love and care for others. So, self-care is more about doing things that are good for your whole being – your total wellness. Imagine when you know to step back, and replenish your physical and internal needs how much happier, more satisfying life you can lead. Self-care is key.

You are invaluable and it all starts with Self-Care!

About Vena Dunn

I graciously welcome you to Believe Yourself website!

It is my humble belief that when you understand your true self, it is with that core knowledge and understanding that is meant to serve your life and wellness. When you know, like, love, and trust yourself, you will set yourself on a path to live your best life. Self-care is a key ingredient needed to replenish your mind, body and spirit so you may live a happier and more fulfilled life. It also brings you to a greater level of self-awareness.

In 2018, I founded the Believe Yourself website. I genuinely believe that for all ages, life is not merely about surviving; it’s about thriving. My BA is in Social Theory, Structure and Change and I’m a devoted researcher for truth as well as a personal development enthusiast. Over the course of time, I have had the opportunity to train hundreds of women on personal growth.

When not writing or building my online business, I enjoy sailing, boating and fishing whenever I get the chance. Being on or near the water is calming and brings me great joy. I enjoy adventure, travel, being outdoors to energize, and relax. I’ve raised three wonderful daughters as a single parent who are all living their dream lives. I am grateful for the grace of God and all my blessings, even the hard times.

Thank you for visiting Believe Yourself website and feel free to browse and enjoy some of the gems I have to offer you here at this link.

All the best!

BelieveYourself it starts with self-care.

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