Heal from Traumatic Events in Your Life.

Have you suffered traumatic events in your life? Do you ever ask yourself what the best way to move forward from events like this is? Many people go through traumatic events in life. Unfortunately, it happens, but you are not the only one who has been through this.

What Is Trauma?

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines trauma as, “The emotional response someone has to an extremely negative event.” The response can vary from person to person. Some people may be minimally affected by trauma.

The effects may debilitate others.  Learning how to heal from trauma and what resources may help you are a crucial step in moving past traumatic events and experiences.

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Your Body and Traumatic Events

You experience a stress response that occurs when you go through trauma or distressing events. Your feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be part of this response—the fight or flight response results when your body produces chemicals in preparation for an emergency.

Symptoms from this can lead to these events:

Increased blood pressure

Increased heart rate Increased sweating

Reduced stomach activity (loss of appetite)

Increased respiratory rate


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5 Ways to Heal from Traumatic Events In Your Life

1. Connect

Reach out to family, friends, or trusted people in your life. How much you share about traumatic events with people in your life is a personal decision. Don’t bottle up emotions. Take comfort in the understanding and commiseration of talking to your support system.

2. Self-Care.

After going through trauma, it is extra important to practice self-care.

Take the time to focus on nutrition, hydrate, get adequate sleep, and nourish your soul and emotions. Journal, exercise, do a favorite activity that makes you feel good. All of these things can help you restore your sense of wellness.

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3. Talk to A Pro.

If you are experiencing symptoms that affect your day-to-day life, it is essential to talk to a professional if needed. There is no shame in working with experts to improve your physical health and wellness.

Consider talking to experts if you experience: Ongoing distress, anxiety, sadness, etc. for multiple weeks. Your work or school is affected. ? Your daily life and activities have been affected. ? You are using drugs or alcohol to cope.

How to find a professional to talk to: Contact your family doctor or mental health professionals. Also, consider talking to a clergy member about a referral to if you go to church. They may know a professional in your community who will work with you.

4. Self-Talk

Self-talk has a powerful effect and influence over our feelings. You can change your frame of mind with the right self-talk. Dealing with trauma is a process. You have more control over your healing than you think. Start upgrading your self-talk today. Practice using strong, motivating words. Nothing negative. Anything to inspires, motivate, or reminds you to get it done and that you have what it takes.

5. Empower Yourself

It can be different things for different people. Take a self-defense class, start training in a sport, or learn boxing or martial arts. The activity does not have to be physical. You can also empower yourself with knowledge. Participate in activities that remind you of your inner strength, value, worth, and awesomeness. It is excellent for your mental health and healing.

Overcoming traumatic events in your life is challenging. Strive every day to work on these habits to move past traumatic events in life. Make time to heal, empower yourself, and move forward from traumatic life events.

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